Mobile Library

This is what started it all.  In 2009, the Bhansalis shared their love of books by taking books to three local schools. Today, Pustakaar supports over 50 schools in the greater Hyderabad area. Books are sorted into different levels and organized into baskets that can be carried into classrooms.

Reading Program

This is a volunteer-run program designed to build interest, improve vocabulary, and engage children.  Pustakaar provides reading packets with books and lesson plans to make it easier for volunteers to conduct a reading session. No teaching experience is necessary! Volunteers commit to 25 sessions at a Pustakaar school from August to March.

Rotational Library

Pustakaar now supports schools which don’t have libraries by loaning a set of books to be used by the children. These books are on loan, and Pustakaar exchanges the books for a fresh set every few weeks.

Library Resource

Pustakaar has partnerships with several other organizations in the education sector, as their primary reading resource. Teach For India, Bodhi Foundation, Ishva Foundation all use Pustakaar books and baskets in their classrooms.

Reading Accelerator

This is a mobile application-based program that aims to provide a varied collection of digital books and a digital assistant to improve English reading skills.  Ansh Foundation provides shared android tablets to schools and orphanages where children spend time everyday reading stories from the installed Read Along application (from Google Inc). Separate profiles are created for each student on the tablets and reading activity and progress is tracked and monitored per student.

Ansh Scholarships

This is a program that was started during the pandemic to help parents who could no longer afford to send their children to school due to the financial instability caused because of the lockdown. Through this program, Ansh Foundation now provides financial aid to children from partner schools who are unable to stay in school due to financial difficulties. This is primarily focused on students in secondary school to ensure they can qualify for college or take up vocational programs to help them become financially independent.

Community Library Centres

Ansh Foundation has set up libraries in community learning centers to help children and others who have limited or no formal schooling. Through these libraries the aim is to incorporate reading as a tool of learning as well as engagement.